New Jersey DWI DUI Drunk Driving Municipal Court Attorney
Jason T. Komninos

Have you been charged with DWI/DUI in New Jersey?

Many people call me and believe that their DWI/DUI case is not worth fighting. Do not make the same assumption!

  • Do not assume that you have no options other than to plead guilty.
  • Do not assume that you have no defenses available to you.
  • Do not assume the police followed proper procedures during the investigation.
  • Do not assume the Alcotest machine was working properly.
  • Do not simply hire a lawyer at the lowest price.
  • Fighting a DWI/DUI charge cannot be done for bargain-basement prices but DWI/DUI cases can be won!

A DWI/DUI conviction means severe consequence including license suspension. You need to speak to an experienced municipal court attorney such as myself to review your options.

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