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Testimonials From Our Clients:

Jason is a great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and helped me a lot after I made the mistake of following poor legal advice from someone else. Highly recommended.

Matthew M.

Jason is one of the most knowledgeable and down-to-earth attorneys I have come across. A true advocate, he is extremely well-versed in areas of criminal law, especially DUI’s. I’d recommend him to anyone in a pinch.

Joseph S.

Mr. Jason Komninos has been extremely helpful to me, and many of my friends, in times of need. He’s remarkably knowledgeable in his field, and an extremely compassionate person. He’s always ready to help, or refer you to someone who can; and has assisted me by saving me a lot of money on other, unnecessary, legal expenses. I highly recommend him!

mental health self advocate

Jason T. Komninos defended me from losing my license or facing any large fine for driving with out insurance. He explained the process and what would happen during the trial which played out exactly how he told me it would. He helped me keep my license and made the court process a whole lot easier. You should definitely hire him if you want an aggressive legal defense.

Joshua B.

Jason is passionate about his practice and dedicated to the study of the intricacies of the law that enable him to represent his clients as effectively and zealously as possible. I’m an attorney, and have learned a lot from him. He’d be the first call I’d make if I needed representation.

Jonas P.

Jason is an excellent attorney. Very knowledgeable and very prompt with answering my questions regarding a municipal court matter. I highly recommend him.

Dar H.

As a fellow attorney, I’ve known Jason for years, and he is always my first call for any municipal or criminal law questions! I never hesitate to refer clients his way, knowing that they will be in good hands and receive excellent representation.

Laura F.

I attended Mr. Komninos’ Criminal Law Class during my time as a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Paralegal Studies Program. Mr. Komninos was an extremely knowledgable, resourceful, and helpful professor. As an attorney, he was always happy to provide a reference and assist us with advancing our legal careers. Mr. Komninos helped his students prepare for and understand the expectations of working under an attorney’s supervision. The class syllabus covered various lecture topics, assignments, and exams, including but not limited to the following: DUI/DWI, traffic violations, expungements, different types of court motions, police warrants, probable cause, evidence, interrogations, search and seizure, trials, expert witnesses, bail guidelines, restoration of driver’s licenses, a person’s right to legal counsel/jury, and many more. He ensured that his students understood the essential legal concepts needed in order to excel in our various legal careers, no matter the specific area of law each student chose to pursue. Mr. Komninos emphasized the importance of keeping up with relevant/current case law and attending to the needs of each specific client and his/her respective case. Considering the amount of attention and interest he gave to his paralegal students, I would highly recommend the legal services of Jason T. Komninos, Esq. to any family member or friend in need of legal representation. You will be hard-pressed to find another attorney who will tend to your case with the skills, experience, knowledge, professionalism, and personalized care of Mr. Komninos.

Rachel L.

Mr. Komninos was very knowledgeable and honest as to the possible results of the case. I was happy with the outcome and would highly recommend him.

C Sied71

I consulted and hired Mr. Komninos to represent me on 5 traffic tickets on PIP in Alpine court. His communications have been prompt; his legal advice and representation in the court was of the first rate professional. He delivered what he promised. I would recommend him without any hesitation. I would hire him again if I need a legal representation on the traffic summons in NJ.

meadow skipper

Jason provided unbelievable service for my family. He was able to save me from paying thousands of dollars in hospital bills and I cannot thank him enough. He’s helped my brother and I with multiple moving violations cases as well. On top of his excellent work, he’s also extremely honest and professional. His work has been impeccable and I cannot recommend him enough.


Jason was a pleasure to deal with. His communication with me throughout the process was A+. I got 3 tickets from NJ troopers and he able to get two of them completely dismissed and reduced my speeding ticket by more than half. He charged me a reasonable flat rate so there were no hidden cost that other attorneys tend to do. Without question, I would hire Jason again to handle any and all traffic violation cases in NJ.


Jason was personable, honest, attentive, and very well prepared for my case. Communication was great throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend his services to friends and family.


Jason is a hardworking, prepared, and thoughtful attorney. I have worked with Jason as a co-worker and a colleague for a number of years and he knows Bergen County and its many courts better than anyone.

Chirag M.

Mr. Komninos was thorough, attentive to my needs, and very professional. He assisted me with a case regarding a ticket issued after a minor car accident and successfully negotiated a better outcome. I would highly recommend him.

Brian G.

SAVED MY LICENSE. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason Komninos. As an out of state driver with five traffic tickets from one offense on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, I faced license suspension in NJ even though I had a spotless driving record in my home state. Jason provided expert advice and skillful representation which resulted in dismissal of three of the five tickets and significant reduction of the most serious one. I walked away impressed, and with only a small fine, because of Jason’s efforts. Jason was smart, knowledgeable, clearly experienced, and a pleasure to work with. His fee was reasonable, too. I am lucky to have had Jason on my side.

Evi C.