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Testimonials From Our Clients:

I not only recommend attorney Jason Komninos but I guarantee once you have used his services you too will look no further. He responds in an extremely timely manner, he is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you! I could not have been happier with his services! 5 Star!!


Jason recently handled a traffic violation charge against me extremely efficiency. He quickly understood the issues and my explanation of the facts and was very responsive to my concerns. He was able to communicate effectively with the prosecutor. He handled it in a pleasant and good humored fashion. I would unreservedly recommend Jason to anyone else facing a similar charge

Joanne B.

We utilized the services of Mr. Jason Komninos to prepare our last Will and testament and he was efficient, professional and explained everything in detail. I highly recommend him.

Greg G.

Jason is a great lawyer. Very knowledgeable and helped me a lot after I made the mistake of following poor legal advice from someone else. Highly recommended.

Matthew M.

Jason T. Komninos defended me from losing my license or facing any large fine for driving without insurance. He explained the process and what would happen during the trial which played out exactly how he told me it would. He helped me keep my license and made the court process a whole lot easier. You should definitely hire him if you want an aggressive legal defense.

Joshua B.

Jason was personable, honest, attentive, and very well prepared for my case. Communication was great throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend his services to friends and family.


SAVED MY LICENSE. I wholeheartedly recommend Jason Komninos. As an out of state driver with five traffic tickets from one offense on the Palisades Interstate Parkway, I faced license suspension in NJ even though I had a spotless driving record in my home state. Jason provided expert advice and skillful representation which resulted in dismissal of three of the five tickets and significant reduction of the most serious one. I walked away impressed, and with only a small fine, because of Jason’s efforts. Jason was smart, knowledgeable, clearly experienced, and a pleasure to work with. His fee was reasonable, too. I am lucky to have had Jason on my side.

Evi C.

I had some relatively serious criminal cases out of New Jersey from two jurisdictions (Hackensack and Elm Wood Park respectively) and to make matters worse I lived in Ohio. I allowed the cases to lapse five years which brought additional difficulties. After deciding to ameliorate the situation I moved forward on the difficult process of attempting to choose a professional in a field that I had zero background and experience. After speaking with a few lawyers I decided (after immediately speaking with him, Mr. Komninos) I knew the smart decision was to move forward with him. He is a gentleman that will speak to you on your level, will not overwhelm you with information and most importantly (I can’t stress this enough) will speak honestly and straightly to you. I want to repeat that again, Mr. Komninos will not just take your money. He will provide a service, a service that for me has finally allowed for me to move with forward with my life. Mr. Komninos is not a miracle worker (no lawyer is BTW, don’t be fooled) but he is an honest and effective lawyer.

Steven C.

Jason Komninos was one of three attorneys recommended to me when my son got into trouble while driving through New Jersey over Presidents weekend. Jason was the only attorney that returned my phone call the same day despite the holiday. Once Jason received all the information regarding my sons case, he promptly summed up the options that were available. Once hired, he was attentive to the case and all questions I had were answered in a timely fashion. He took the time to explain New Jersey law and how it differed from New York State’s where we live. He had a clear game plan early on and was also able to give us best and worst case scenarios so we would be prepared for all possibilities. Jason achieved a very good outcome for my son and we are both grateful for his attentiveness, integrity and professionalism. I would highly recommend him and know he was well worth hiring!