If you are thinking about filing for an expungement, it is recommended that you consult with and retain an experienced expungement lawyer to handle your case. The Law Office of Jason T. Komninos has helped many clients with their expungements.

Here are just some of the things the Law Office can do for you:

1) Review your case to determine your eligibility for expungement.

2) Investigate your prior arrest(s) and/or conviction(s) to determine what to include in your expungement petition.

3) Determine if you have sufficient documentation to file along with your expungement petition. It should be noted that an expungement can be denied if it is missing certain information.

4) If anything is missing, the Law Office can instruct you how to obtain the missing information or obtain the information on your behalf.

5) File your expungement petition with the court.

6) In some cases, a court hearing before the judge may be required. If a hearing is required, the Law Office can represent you at this hearing.

To schedule a review of your case, call 201.343.4622 to arrange a consultation with the Law Office.