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Certification for Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Provide Discovery

Is discovery missing in your case? Here is an example of one of the documents you will need in order to file a motion. Please contact the Law Office if you have any questions.

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High Times: The Challenges of Marijuana Legalization

I believe that when seeking to solve one set of problems, legislatures often create others. As the wave of marijuana legalization continues rolling across the country, various states are facing new challenges in dealing with the changes that are arising from the new laws. Legalization advocates naturally focus on the benefits of legalization. However, while these changes may solve certain problems, I believe others have been, and will be, created. Practitioners who deal with marijuana laws will uniquely experience the blunt impact of many of these changes. Let’s step back for a moment and look at the forest through the trees.

Why Legalize Marijuana?

Advocates of legalized marijuana have long argued that the criminality of this particular drug has burdened many defendants with a criminal record and has caused many others to be imprisoned for relatively minor offenses. In particular, younger users of marijuana will have a much harder time starting out in their professional careers if burdened with a criminal record. Based on the prevalence of recreational marijuana use, especially amongst young people, this may be poor public policy.

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