I had a client who was charged with DWI and Refusal to Consent to a Breath Test as well as other motor vehicle violations in the municipal court of Bogota, NJ. A Refusal charge in NJ is very serious and carries with it a minimum 7 months license suspension as well as other penalties.

Right away, I could tell there were issues in her case that would provide grounds for a defense, provided that we had enough information to present to the court. I advised the client that it was worthwhile to pay the fees to have a DWI expert review her case.

The expert was able to provide an excellent written report detailing the many problems with the State’s case. I presented this report to the prosecutor.

After reviewing the report, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the Refusal charge, saving my client from a 7 month suspension. This also saved the time and expense of having a trial on the Refusal charge.

I strongly recommend hiring an expert if you are charged with DWI/DUI or Refusal, as the costs of the expert are worthwhile considering the costs and penalties of the original charge or charges.

Article written by Jason Komninos

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