1) Are you the lawyer who will be handling my case?

When calling a law firm, don’t just settle for speaking to a secretary or paralegal. Ask to speak to the attorney who will be handling your case directly. Mr. Komninos handles each and every case with personal attention.

2) Do you personally review my case?

Make sure to ask that attorney if he or she will be the one reviewing your case file prior to court. Mr. Komninos reviews every file personally to look for every piece of evidence that could be helpful to your case.

3) Are you substantially involved in this practice area?

There are many different areas of the law and attorneys tend to focus on a niche. Make sure the lawyer you hire focuses his or her practice area on your legal needs. You wouldn’t hire a podiatrist to fill a cavity.

4) Are you aware of the recent developments in the law?

Mr. Komninos prides himself on keeping up to date with the most recent changes in the law. A new court ruling from the week before may change the outcome of your case. It is critical to hire a lawyer who is up to date on these changes so that the best outcome of your case can be achieved.

5) Do you prepare the case for trial?

A trial is not always necessary in every case, but Mr. Komninos has found that it helps to prepare cases as if they were going to trial from the beginning. This has often helped him achieve great results for his clients.

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