Below are just a few of the testimonials, letters of thanks and similar that we receive from our clients. We are grateful for their appreciation of our dedication to their cases and for the opportunity to serve them. There are more testimonials under our Reviews page.

Highly Recommend

Jason’s practice helped me overcome a big citation in NJ, in addition to waiver of appearance which would have costed me hundreds of dollars and hardship. I would unreservedly recommend Jason to friends and people needing legal assistance without a second thought.

Good job Jason. Keep it up.
Jackson, a Fort Lee Traffic Ticket Client

Highly Recommend

Mr. Komninos helped me avoid what easily could have been a complete financial and legal disaster. He was reliable, determined, and very honest. Most importantly, he really helped me out by handling both of my cases for an extremely fair price.

If you are looking for a trustworthy person to handle matters that are important, I HIGHLY recommended this attorney.

Not only did I get the best possible outcome for each my cases, I felt comfortable knowing that I was being backed up by someone who not only knew exactly what they were doing but, genuinely cared and wanted the best for me too.

Both of my driving with a suspended license tickets were plead down to failure to a present a drivers license. He got me in and out of the courts quickly, no points, and minimal fees. He comes highly recommended if you are lucky enough to have him represent you.

Melissa, a Speeding Ticket client

An outstanding credit to his profession

Attorney Komninos handled my case very thoroughly and kept me informed of the development of the case.

We got a favorable resolution, honestly better than I was originally resigned to accept on the outcome. He was knowledgeable and experienced that is why we closed the case swiftly and had the favorable closure.

For the excellent service he provided, he charged very, very reasonably. I recommend him to anyone who would like to work with an honest, efficient lawyer to represent them.

Debt Settlement client

As lawyers go, 5 stars

Attorney Komninos was very helpful to me in organizing what I needed for the IRS to prove my innocence and to prove that my SS# had indeed been used by other parties to obtain income for which the IRS sent me the bill.

He contacted – investigated – compiled information for me; was very responsive towards my ideas during our collaboration and was extremely cooperative. Mr. Komninos was quite supportive of me and is forever the cool head of reason and common sense.

Attorney Komninos charged me a very reasonable rate for his services that I considered, as a frugal person, to be quite acceptable. He is a very responsive attorney and overall I was very very pleased with his professionalism and energy.

I highly recommend Jason Komninos for any legal issues you may have; he will not disappoint you and he definitely stands in your corner.

Identity Theft Client