Supreme Court Order Regarding Prior DWI Convictions

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On November 28, 2017, the Supreme Court of New Jersey issued an order regarding DWI cases in which the defendant had a prior DWI offense which would enhance the defendant’s punishment in the current case. The Supreme Court ordered that … Continued

New Change to Municipal Court Rule for Motions to Suppress

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The New Jersey Supreme Court adopted new changes to many of the court rules. Among these changes was an amendment to the rule governing Motions to Suppress Evidence in municipal court. The amended rule is as follows: 7:5-2. Motion to … Continued

NJ Supreme Court Overturns Murder and Manslaughter Convictions

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On August 17, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court overturned the murder and manslaughter convictions in State v. Michael A. Maltese. In this case, the defendant was accused of killing his parents. The defendant was read his Miranda rights and … Continued

NJ Supreme Court Rules on Expungements for Multiple Crimes

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On August 10, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided In the Matter of the Expungement Petition of J.S. and In the Matter of the Expungement Petition of G.P.B. In the case of J.S., the defendant was arrested twice within … Continued

Supreme Court: Paraphernalia Conviction Does Not Trigger Deportation

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On June 1, 2015, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a conviction for the possession of drug paraphernalia does not trigger removal (deportation) under §1227(a)(2)(B)(i). §1227(a)(2)(B)(i) reads: “Any alien who at any time after admission has been convicted of … Continued