Legalized Marijuana and Car Accidents

The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) has reported that car accidents have risen by about 3% in states that have legalized marijuana. The HLDI stated that: “More drivers admit to using marijuana, and it is showing up more frequently among … Read More

Bergen County Announces Crackdown on Crosswalk Violations

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On October 6, 2015, Bergen County officials announced a crackdown on violations of pedestrians and crosswalk safety laws. Officials seek to reduce the amount of pedestrian-related traffic accidents. During this crackdown, pedestrians who violate the law may see an increase … Read More

Secaucus New Jersey to Increase DWI Enforcement

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At a recent town council meeting, Councilman Gary Jeffas announced that the town of Secaucus will be increasing its DWI enforcement this summer. Many drivers will find themselves accused of DWI during the summer, since they might be driving home … Read More

Governor Conditionally Vetoes DWI Interlock Bill

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Many people having been talking about the pending legislation that would have allowed many first time DWI offenders to install the Interlock device in their car in lieu of a lengthy period of license suspension. I personally believe that the … Read More