Here at the Law Office, I recognize that the economy is rough and I try to keep my legal fees competitive for my clients.  However, I must caution you against hiring an attorney based on price alone.

There are many things you should consider when hiring an attorney other than price:

1) Will the attorney give your case his or her personal attention?

I pride myself on handling all of my client’s cases personally.  From the minute you call my office to the time your case is closed, you can be assured that I am personally attending to your legal needs.

2) Does the attorney take the time to review the case and answer all of your questions?

I conduct all client consultations personally.  Do not settle for a consultation from a secretary or paralegal.  You are paying for a lawyer so you deserve to speak to one.

3) Will the attorney personally appear on your case or will he or she send another attorney?

I take pride on appearing on your court dates and representing you before the court.

4) Is the attorney prepared to fight the case all the way?

Depending on the facts of your case, I might be able to work out a plea bargain or dismissal with the prosecutor.  However, in the more serious cases, it may be necessary to fight your case at trial.  I approach every case with the question in mind, “What if this goes to trial?”  I build your case from day one so that I have a strategy in mind in the event of a trial.

5) Does the attorney stay up to date with the law by attending the latest seminars and reading the latest court decisions?

I frequently attend seminars and read legal updates to stay current with the law.

6) Is the attorney active in local and state bar associations?

I am member of the New Jersey State Bar Association, the New Jersey State Bar Association Municipal Court Practice Section and the Bergen County Bar Association.

Your choice of an attorney is an important decision and I urge you consider all of the circumstances when seeking legal representation.

If you have been charged with a traffic or criminal offense, please contact me at (201) 343-4622 to discuss how I may be able to help you.