NJ Supreme Court Rules on Expungements for Multiple Crimes

On August 10, 2015, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided In the Matter of the Expungement Petition of J.S. and In the Matter of the Expungement Petition of G.P.B.

In the case of J.S., the defendant was arrested twice within five days. He was charged with several offenses and pled guilty to two charges on May 29, 2001.

In the case of G.P.B, the defendant was charged with four offenses from events that occurred on two different days. He pled guilty to all four offenses in September of 1999.

The defendants sought expungements because the New Jersey Appellate Division previously ruled that multiple convictions that were part of the same “spree” could be eligible for expungement. In re Fontana, 146 N.J. Super. 264 (App. Div. 1976).

However, in regards to J.S. and G.P.B., the NJ Supreme Court found that each defendant had committed separate crimes and therefore were not eligible to have these convictions expunged.

If you have a record that you wish to expunge, it is important to speak with an attorney about your eligibility. The expungement process can be complicated and it is best to hire an attorney to represent you when filing for expungement.

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