New Jersey Will Equip State Troopers With Body Cameras

Starting in 2016, all NJ State Troopers will be equipped with body cameras, according to

The cameras are to be used during traffic stops, arrests, and criminal investigations.

Jason T. Komninos, Esq. supports the use of police body cameras. Camera footage can be an important part of the discovery in a traffic or criminal case.

Mr. Komninos always reviews police footage when it is available in the cases he handles. Defense lawyers will look at police footage to see if there are any inconsistencies between the footage and the written police report, or if there is anything caught on camera that might provide a defense to the client.

For example, in a DWI case, Mr. Komninos will watch the video footage to analyze the client’s performance on the Field Sobriety Tests, and to see if the recording matches what the officer wrote in the report. If there are any flaws in the way the officer administered the tests, these flaws can be used as part of a defense in court.

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