If your license was suspended in New Jersey, it could have been for a variety of reasons. Your driver’s license can be suspended for a court ordered reason, an administrative reason, or because you missed your court date or failed to pay your ticket.

Missing Your Court Date or Failing to Pay a Ticket

If you fail to appear for your court date or neglect to pay a ticket by the deadline, the court may suspend your license and issue a warrant until the ticket is resolved.

Administrative Suspension

There are several reasons why your license could be suspended administratively. Accumulating 12 or more points, neglecting to pay surcharges, or having certain medical issues are some of the reasons that could result in the Motor Vehicle Commission seeking to suspend your license. If you receive a “Notice of Proposed Suspension,” you should read it carefully to note the reason why you may be suspended, the proposed suspension period, and the deadline for requesting a hearing.

Court Ordered Suspension

If your license was suspended pursuant to a court order, it was probably based on a conviction for a serious traffic offense such as driving without insurance, DWI/DUI, excessive speeding, reckless driving, etc.

How Can Your License Be Restored?

Depending on the reason or reasons your license was suspended, one or more options may be available to you to restore your license.

If your license was suspended simply for missing a court date or neglecting to pay a ticket, it can be a relatively simple process to restore your license. You should contact the court where your ticket was issued to confirm the exact nature of the suspension and if bail was set. If bail was set, you can post bail with the court and receive a court date to resolve the ticket. You can also hire a lawyer to represent you in court and help you resolve the ticket. Once the ticket is resolved and any and all fines are paid, the court can lift the suspension.

If you are facing an administrative suspension, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible and request a hearing from the Motor Vehicle Commission. At the hearing, you and your lawyer can present arguments against the suspension. If you are facing suspension for accumulating 12 points on your license, you may be able to take a safe driving class to reduce points. However, this option may only work for you if you have not recently completed a safe driving class. You may still need to attend the hearing as well.

If your license was suspended due to a court order resulting from a conviction, there are still options although your options at this point may be limited. You may be eligible to file a post-conviction relief motion which is a motion arguing that you did not have effective assistance of counsel or you were not adequately advised of your rights or potential penalties during your case. You may also be able to file an appeal to a higher court arguing that the suspension imposed by the trial court was not proper. With either of these options, there are strict time limits and procedural requirements so it is important to speak to an attorney right away.

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