Have you been charged with Traffic Violations, Drug Offenses, DWI DUI, Domestic Violence or Shoplifting in Mahwah New Jersey and do you need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Don’t despair – we have good news! You have found a Criminal Defense attorney in Mahwah New Jersey who will challenge every aspect of the case against you.

As your Criminal Defense attorney, I stand by you and your case from start to finish and I aggressively fight to have the charges dismissed entirely.

If you have committed an offense such as traffic violations and speeding, drug offenses such as criminal possession of controlled substances and possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, domestic violence, shoplifting or similar crimes you face fines, possible loss of your drivers license, the possibility of short term or long term imprisonment and jail, and other potential criminal repercussions.

The Law Office of Jason T. Komninos is contacted daily by individuals who have been charged with these offenses in Mahwah New Jersey.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case, the severity of the charges, and the possible outcomes.

During our free consultation we offer insight and experience based knowledge to ease your fears and give you a positive perspective on how we can help you beat these charges.

As a Criminal Defense attorney, I am well versed and experienced in what types of defenses will and will not work for your particular charges and situation.

I also have a number of defense strategies that I use to your advantage – using an expert witness, pre-indictment strategies, and many other strategies that make getting charges dismissed or greatly reduced a genuine possibility.

If you have been charged with any type of traffic violations, drug offenses, DWI, DUI, domestic violence, shoplifting or any other type of crime that requires a compassionate, knowledgeable and aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mahwah NJ do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Jason T. Komninos today.

You’ll be in good hands.

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