License Suspension for an Unpaid Ticket

Many drivers are shocked when they are pulled over only to find out that their license was suspended, often due to an unpaid ticket. If a driver receives a ticket for Driving While Suspended, it could mean serious consequences such as a further loss of license or even jail.

However, these situations can often be resolved without serious consequences.

If you have been told that your license was suspended for an unpaid ticket, you should:

1) Contact the court where you have the unpaid ticket. Depending the type of ticket, you may be able to pay it right away. However, if it is a ticket with serious consequences, you may want to plead not guilty and request a court date. Speak with an attorney to find out if you should pay it or fight it in court.

2) Make sure you get documentation from the court that the ticket was paid or dismissed.

3) Go to the Motor Vehicle Commission to see if you can restore your license. You may have to pay a restoration fee. Obtain documentation from the Motor Vehicle Commission to prove that your license was restored.

4) If you were given a Driving While Suspended ticket when you were pulled over, plead not guilty and request a court date. It is strongly recommended to hire an experienced Driving While Suspended attorney such as Jason T. Komninos to represent you. Mr. Komninos has been successful in many cases with helping his clients avoid the serious consequences that can come with a Driving While Suspended conviction.

5) Bring your documentation to your attorney and to court. The prosecutor will most likely want to see proof that your license was restored and your unpaid ticket was taken care of in order to agree to reduce or dismiss your Driving While Suspended ticket.

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