Jason T. Komninos Attends NCDD Summer Session

Attorney Jason T. Komninos is proud to announce that he has completed the National College for DUI Defense 2016 Summer Session held at Harvard Law School. The Summer Session consisted of three days of advanced DWI/DUI training and featured some of the most prominent defense attorneys from around the country.

This year’s Summer Session also featured keynote speakers Dean Strang and Jerome Buting, who were featured in the hit Netflix series Making a Murderer.

As of this date, there are less than 60 attorneys in New Jersey who are members of the National College for DUI Defense. Membership in the NCDD requires that attorneys be substantially involved in the practice of DWI/DUI defense. Members must also regularly attend educational seminars specific to DWI/DUI.

Mr. Komninos is dedicated to providing the best possible representation to those accused of DWI and DUI. Mr. Komninos has also completed Standardized Field Sobriety Test training, which is the same curriculum police officers receive during their training.

Drunk driving cases are complex and prosecuted aggressively by the State. Mr. Komninos believes that unless your attorney dedicated him or herself to the practice of DWI/DUI law, he or she is doing a disservice to your case.

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