How Does the Expungement Process Work?

1. If I am hired to take your case, I will draft the “Verified Petition for Expungement” that we will be filing with the court.

2. I will send it to you for you to review.

3. You will then need to take it to a notary and sign and have notarized the Verification page of the Petition. You can take it to a notary of your choice or you can come to my office and we can use a notary in my office building.

4. Once you return the signed and notarized Verified Petition to me, I will file it with the court as soon as possible.

5. After it is filed with the court, the judge will set a hearing date. In most cases, it is not necessary for us to appear in person for the hearing.

6. Once the judge signs the order for the hearing date, I will serve the notice on all the agencies (court(s), prosecutor’s office, police, etc.) involved in your case. The court requires the agencies to be notified by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

7. As long as none of the agencies object to your expungement and we have provided all of the relevant information, we can expect the judge to grant your expungement.

8. If the judge grants your expungement, I will receive a signed order from the court. I will then serve that order on all of the agencies so that they will process your expungement. Again, the court requires the agencies to be notified by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

9. Lastly, I should receive a letter from the New Jersey State Police confirming that your expungement order has been complied with. This is the final part of the process.

10. Enjoy your freedom from having a criminal record!

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