Expungements and Marijuana Business Law

New Jersey may be legalizing recreational marijuana in the near future and many people are inquiring about how to get into the business once it is legalized. If you are thinking about entering the industry and you have a criminal record, you may want to retain an attorney as soon as possible in order to expunge your record.

Under the current pending legislation, any officer or individual with a financial interest in a cannabis business will be required to submit to a criminal background check. A business license can be denied if any of those individuals have convictions for certain offenses.

The expungement process from start to finish can be lengthy. If and when marijuana is legalized in New Jersey, there will be a rush to apply for licenses and there may not be enough time to have your criminal record expunged in order to obtain a license. Therefore, I recommend that individuals with convictions start the expungement process now.

If you are thinking of applying for a job in the future at a cannabis related business, I predict that the employer will run your criminal background check. Therefore, I also recommend that you obtain an expungement if you are thinking of working for cannabis related businesses in the future, even if you are not planning to open your own business.

New Jersey allows for the expungement of arrest and conviction records in most cases.

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