Exceeding Maximum Speed 30 MPH or More Over Limit

I have helped many clients who have been charged with speeding by 30 mph or more over the limit under N.J.S.A. 39:4-98. When people call me because they have received this ticket, many are surprised to find out that not only is this a 5 point ticket, but many judges will suspend your license as well for the excessive speed. Many people make the mistake of assuming this a 4 point ticket because speeding by 15-29 mph over limit come with 4 points. Do not make that assumption and end up in court without a good lawyer!

I have been successful in not only reducing the points for clients charged with this offense, but I have also helped clients avoid license suspension.

First, I can request discovery from the prosecutor. There are many documents that the State must provide to the defense in a speeding case. If any of these documents are missing or out of date, it can help your case when we get to court. I can also request any dashcam or body camera footage from the police that may exist.

Second, I can make what is known as a “hardship” argument on your behalf. If applicable, I can argue that a loss of your license will result in a hardship with your job, your family, your school schedule, etc. The judge can use his or her discretion to waive a license suspension if the court is convinced that it would create an undue hardship for you.

If you are faced with a serious speeding violation, don’t make the mistake of going to court alone or with a cut-rate attorney! It is critical to speak with an attorney such as myself who knows how to effectively handle these cases.

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