Electronic Filing for Expungement Now Available in NJ

The New Jersey Judiciary has just announced that a new electronic system for filing expungements is available for use.

This new system makes filing for an expungement more cost effective and efficient. Previously, petitioners would have to serve various agencies with the expungement petition and court orders by certified mail. Petitioners were also responsible for providing proof of service to the court.

With the new system, the need for service of process of physical documents has been reduced or eliminated for most cases since agencies can be notified electronically. While there may be some instances where party or agency would need to be served with physical copies, this new process should save petitioners on the costs of service of process.

The prosecutor can review the electronic petition and if any objection is filed, your attorney will be able to respond by filing your response through eCourts.

For most cases, the expungement process is now more streamlined and should make filing for expungement more affordable for many people.

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