These are just some of the DWI/DUI cases handled by Jason T. Komninos, Esq.:

.18 DWI Reduced – Englewood City Municipal Court

In July of 2016, my client was charged in Englewood with DWI, Careless Driving, and other violations. Her breath test reported a .18 reading. That would normally result in a 7 month license suspension and the requirement to install an interlock device in her car. However, after 12 months of fighting the case, and after 2 days of trials since February of 2017, I was able to resolve the case with 4 month license suspension (3 months for the DWI and 1 month for the Careless Driving ticket) and no interlock installation requirement. The other violations were dismissed.

Second Offense DWI Dismissed – East Brunswick Municipal Court:

I was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss this charge due to the inability for the State to prove intoxication at the time the defendant operated his motor vehicle. The defendant was accused of driving after taking drugs, but due to the lapse in time between when the defendant allegedly took the drugs and when the police officer conducted his investigation, the prosecutor agreed that she would not be able to prove the case.

DWI Dismissed – Elmwood Park Municipal Court:

My client was stopped at a check point and the officer believed that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The officer conducted an Alcotest but failed to conduct a drug examination. The Alcotest came back as insufficient to convict my client and due to the lack of a drug test, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the DWI charge.

Refusal to Consent to a Breath Test Dismissed – Bogota Municipal Court:

My client was accused of DWI and Refusal. However, the discovery from the police revealed that the Alcotest machine was recently sent for repair. I was able to convince the prosecutor that this fact would make it difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client refused the breath test. Therefore, the prosecutor agreed to drop the Refusal charge.

Third Offense DWI Dismissed – Rochelle Park Municipal Court:

My client was accused of a third offense DWI which would result in jail time and 10 years loss of license if he was convicted. He did not blow over the legal limit, but the prosecutor thought that he could take my client to trial and win because of the fact that my client failed the Field Sobriety Tests. On the morning of trial, I was able to convince the prosecutor that the Field Sobriety Tests were insufficient due to my client’s medical condition. The prosecutor agreed to drop the charge.

.16 DWI – Garfield Municipal Court:

My client was facing a DWI charge and the Alcotest reading showed a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reading of .16. This means that my client was facing the enhanced penalties of a 7 month license suspension and the installation of the Interlock device. After reviewing the police reports, it became clear to me that the police did not follow proper procedures before administering the Alcotest. Because of this, the judge agreed to throw out the reading and my client was only sentenced to a 3 month loss of license and no Interlock device was required.

Disclaimer: “Past outcomes do not guarantee future results”