DWI and Child Endangerment in New Jersey

In New Jersey, if you are charged with DWI and a child is present in the car, you could also be charged with endangering the welfare of a child under 2C:24-4.

DWI and child endangerment charges are both very serious. The DWI is a motor vehicle offense that could result in the loss of your driving privileges and other penalties. The child endangerment charge is a crime which could result in a conviction on your criminal record as well as significant jail time.

Normally, in New Jersey, DWI charges are heard in municipal court and defendants are not entitled to a jury trial. However, if you were charged with 2C:24-4 in the fourth degree or higher, it would be considered an indictable offense. This means that your case will be heard in Superior Court.

If you are facing either of these charges, it is important to discuss your case with an attorney. An attorney can evaluate the entire case to determine the best strategy for fighting both charges.

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