Jason T. Komninos, Esq. routinely defends those accused of drug offenses.  These are just some of the drug-related charges that are common in New Jersey:

  • Possession of CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance): marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Prescription drug violations: Oxycontin/Oxycodone, illegal use of prescription drugs, forgery, fraud, etc.

The penalties for drug offenses in New Jersey are severe and may include:

  • A permanent record of your conviction
  • Jail time in serious cases
  • Probation
  • Court ordered drug testing
  • Loss of driving privileges in certain cases
  • Court fines and costs

For first time offenders, certain pre-trial diversionary programs may be available to you.  Pre-trial Intervention (PTI) is available in Superior Court Criminal Division cases and the Conditional Discharge program is available in Municipal Court cases.

However, there are many defenses to drug charges.  If these defenses are available to you, the charges could be dismissed without a diversionary program or a conviction.  Some of these defenses may include:

  • Fourth Amendment violations
  • Fifth Amendment violations
  • Probable cause and reasonable suspicions issues
  • Consent to search issues
  • Chain of evidence problems
  • Insufficient laboratory test reports

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