Driving While Suspended: Do You Need a Lawyer?

I have been approached by people who were ticketed for driving while suspended (39:3-40) and went to court without a lawyer. They were caught unaware when the judge suspended their license for another period of suspension or were even sentenced to jail.

Driving while suspended is considered a serious traffic offense in New Jersey. A conviction or plea of guilty to driving while suspended can costs you hundreds of dollars in fines and cause a further suspension of your license. Subsequent convictions can result in jail time.

There are various ways to fight or reduce your driving while suspended charge that you may not be aware of. For example, in certain cases, the State is obligated to prove that you received a notice of suspension from the Motor Vehicle Commission. In other cases, a driving while suspended ticket can be reduced to a lesser charge that could help you avoid further license suspension or jail time.

As with any cases, the outcome of your case can depend not only on the law, but the particular facts of your case. It is important to discuss your driving while suspended case with an attorney.

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